• It has become tradition and a huge honor for a performer to be selected for the Super Bowl Halftime Show. This year, singer – songwriter Bruno Mars took the gargantuan task and promised to “give it all he’s got.” And boy, did he give a lot. First, it was a quiet start with a children’s [...]

  • The Philippines was one step away from the coveted title of Asia’s Next Top Model in the first season. Stephanie Retuya was runner up to Thailand but now that the reality show is back, will the Philippines win this time? This season has no less than two Filipina contestants, so there are double chances of [...]

  • Last year, I wrote about the shocking weight loss Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto had to undergo for the movie, Dallas Buyers Club. Movie fans were quick to pile one negative feedback after another, concerned about the drastic weight loss. It seems now that the award season is upon us, these two Hollywood heavyweights have [...]

  • The arrival of DVDs to the UK home entertainment market was a pretty exciting event, wasn’t it? Anyone who remembers using VHS tapes in the old days would have appreciated the chance to use a slicker and more modern way of watching their favourite programmes and movies. As we all started to build up our [...]

  • Not to be outdone with other channels, Jack City and Jack TV gives its newest offering that is somewhat akin to the X-Men and their mutant abilities. The Tomorrow People began airing on October 9. It features various young people who discover – through unique and unusual means – their Psionic powers which have resulted [...]


The latest in international film, music, and magazines can often carry a hefty markup. Watch the most recent films, keep up with international music and print media with these simple ideas, without the higher prices. Become a cosmopolitan shopper through a few quick deals, and stay up to date while also saving money with global media in a snap. Register for Streaming Service for TV, Film, & Music A great [...]

Would you like to be a celebrity? Many people would, but I don’t find the idea attractive at all. Being hounded by the media and people wanting to take ‘selfies’ with you isn’t my idea of fun at all. There would be obvious benefits such as the huge income that celebrity status often brings, and having a partner thirty years younger than yourself; they are in love, no, really. credit [...]

Many look and adore the hair, makeup and fashion at the Academy Awards and red carpet event, and this year was no different. Celebrities did not disappoint as they poured in and paraded their fabulous hair styles. Here are some of the best hair looks of the night. 1. Jennifer Lawrence Beautiful Jennifer chose a soft, romantic look as her hair was brushed back in voluminous waves. Blonde highlights gave [...]

According to Statistic Brain, 43% of singles Google someone before going on a first date with them. While first dates have always been a source of anxiety for many people, knowing you’re not starting out with a completely blank slate can make you even more nervous. But even though jitters are a normal part of this experience, that doesn’t mean you have to let them get the best of you. [...]

1. Hollywood Boulevard Hollywood, for the rich, famous and fancy free. When you’re up in the Hollywood Hills admiring the famous Hollywood sign, why not venture onto Hollywood Boulevard where you can admire the famous handprints and marvel at the fame of those who made them. If you’re a boxing fanatic see if you can fit your hands into the handprints of giants like Mohammed Ali or Joe DiMaggio. No [...]

With the advent of online film streaming services that have become the standard in the last few years, hard copy film rentals from a brick and mortar store appear to be going the way of the dodo bird. But the good news is that this decline means that consumers can spend approximately what it would have cost to rent a few DVD films in order to get online database access to thousands [...]

While an award is typically a good thing, and a sign of a job well done, occasionally crystal plaques and awards are used to poke fun at something or celebrate the craziness of life. Most people enjoy being awarded something, even if it’s just for something funny or crazy they did. In the awards world, statues and awards often symbolize something to do with the organization giving the award. While [...]

Manny Pacquiao fans will be thrilled to know that a documentary film about their ‘idol’s’ life is set to be released this year. The movie will feature ‘Pacman’s’ life – from his poverty stricken origins to his current, multi-million successes. The released film teasers have already garnered positive reviews. It is narrated by no less than award winning actor, Liam Neeson. And if that isn’t enough, familiar faces will appear [...]

It’s been months since we’ve seen of Wally Bayola. He has chosen to keep mum and bear his ‘humiliation’ in silence. Since his scandal was publicized, he has dropped out of the famed noon-time show, ‘Eat Bulaga’ (temporarily, they say) and has stepped out of the public limelight. There has been silence from both the comedian and the show’s representatives except for the initial expression of support for the latter. [...]